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Step 1: Enter the full information to register
Please enter the information in the required fields and click the button Register to the next step

- Email address: Email address that you registered to send activation mail, order information, service management information ... Therefore, please enter the correct email address information you often use.
- Phone number: Phone number you registered to send the activation code as well as contact you when problems arise ... So please enter the correct phone number you often use.
- Password: There are case-sensitive letters, at least 8 characters including numbers and letters.
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Step 2: Active account
The screen displayed when registering successfully.

At this time, a mail has been sent to the address Email that you have declared in Step 1, Please click on the link to activate the email and receive the activation code via sms.

Step 3: Confirm the phone number
After clicking the link in Email, an activation code will be sent to the phone number you registered at Step 1. The screen displays now as follows.

- Enter the activation code and click the button Activate to complete your account registration process
- If no activation code has been sent to your phone, you can try again by clicking the link
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